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Charlie Kravetz cjk at
Tue Feb 12 20:24:46 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 19:50 +0200, Jani Monoses wrote:
> Another gnome package proposal. It consists of useful utilities which 
> are only run explicitly and for which we have no equivalents (except for 
> screenshot as a panel plugin)
> The utils are:
>   - baobab, a disk usage analyser
>    - gfloppy, a tool for formatting floppy disks
>    - gnome-dictionary, a program which can look up the definition of words
>      over the internet (including a panel applet to do the same)
>    - gnome-search-tool, with which one can find files by name or content
>    - gnome-system-log, a log viewing application
>    - gnome-screenshot, a tool to take desktop screenshots and save them 
> into    a file
> I know there were plans of adding search to thunar and also a disk usage 
> view but those have not materialized afaik. Same for floppy formatter.
> Since many users would find these helpful but would not know where to 
> find them if not installed I propose including them.
> Pros, cons?
> Jani

Out of those apps, I usually have to remove the gnome-search-tool and
gfloppy, because I remove my floppy drives, and the search tools seem to
cause issues with memory and hard drive slowdown and lockup. That might
be perceived lockup, since I get tired of waiting after a few seconds if
I am in the middle of something and the drive light is on steady.
Anyway, trackerd, beagle, gnome-search, etc all get removed for the same

I do add the gnome-dictionary tool to all my desktops. and use the
gnome-system-log when in gnome. It never occurred to me to add
gnome-system-log to the other desktops (braindead?), even though it
makes log viewing so much easier.

gnome-screenshot is a take-it or leave-it for me. 

One request - any chance of xscreensaver with gltext and editable text
options? I think it was available in Xubuntu Dapper Drake 6.10, but has
since had the editable text option removed.

Thanks for asking.

good luck,

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