Proposal: include gnome in xubuntu

Gauvain Pocentek gauvainpocentek at
Tue Feb 12 18:40:25 UTC 2008

Oops sorry, it's already happening.

I didn't react until now because I thought the "discussions" were
useless, but I think I care too much to be totally quiet (well, I did
care at some point, not that much now).
I'm sorry to see this distro turning into a Pseudo Ubuntu with bits of
Xfce, after having spend so much time working on it, trying to make it
different and lighter.

Sorry to not provide constructive ideas or proposals to solve the
problems, but I don't see how I could bring something new or useful when
all the efforts made by Lionel and Jérôme has been treated like crap
(sorry if "crap" is not CoC compliant).

Like I said, nothing useful, probably not even interesting, just another

Good luck with Hardy,

PS: I'm not subscribed to the list

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