"Commonly Added Features" section in Xubuntu documentation.

vidd vidd at crosslink.net
Tue Feb 12 19:43:13 UTC 2008

Jim Campbell wrote:
> Hi All,
> Given the ongoing back and forth regarding app choices, what would 
> people say to adding a section to Xubuntu documentation outlining 
> common ways to add more functionality to your Xubuntu system? We could 
> ship a default system that utilizes (most of, some of, all of . . . ) 
> the more lightweight choices, but then provide detailed instructions 
> on how to add options that might provide the users with more features.
> We could include the advantages (functionality, additional ease of 
> use, etc.) and drawbacks (increased use of system resources, etc.) for 
> each choice. We would focus on only the items that have been under 
> consideration through these threads.
> The documentation could explain the rationale for why certain default 
> packages were shipped. Xubuntu bloggers could highlight these 
> additions to the documentation – and point users toward them in the 
> documentation.
> I know that part of the issue deals with maintaining the packages and 
> how often they receive updates (not just how light/heavy, 
> simple/complex something is), but this thought occurred to me, so I 
> thought I'd propose it to the group as a possible way to address some 
> of the issues.
> Jim
> P.S. I'm not sure of the section title . . . it's just a proposal.
Excellent idea


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