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Jani Monoses jani at
Mon Feb 11 18:04:56 UTC 2008

> If Xubuntu does not have long term support, please explain this excerpt 
> from the website:
>     7.10
> <>Version 7.10, codename /Gutsy Gibbon/, 
> is the latest stable release. It will receive security updates until 
> April 2009.
>     6.06
> <>Version 6.06, codename /Dapper 
> Drake/, is the latest stable release with /Long Term Support/. It will 
> receive security updates until June 2009.

LTS only applies to Ubuntu and sometimes Kubuntu . AFAIK not even 
Kubuntu 8.04 is going to be a LTS.

Whatever support there is for Xubuntu is a consequence of being based on 
Ubuntu, the Xubuntu apps updates are not handled by Canonical devs and 
have no LTS guarantees. It may be called LTS but it has no practical 
meaning for the non-base system and non-GNOME/X apps, exactly the ones I 
advocate keeping, so Xubuntu would in practice actually be closer to LTS.

I hope that clears it.

>   Xubuntu...
>> 2) If you actually cared about support and maintainability you'd agree 
>> with me that apps that have been tested for years in GNOME and are part 
>> of Xubuntu in 7.10 have actually a much better chance of being long term 
>> supported than apps put in because they are made by people affiliated 
>> with Xfce and are bringing no advantage to the table.
> I do care about using apps that actually work

Right, and the ones I picked in 7.10 were picked because they worked 
better than the alternatives (xarchiver, xscreensaver, xfmedia, etc)
I am pretty sure that squeeze does not work better than file-roller but
it was put in now.

> I dont agree with some of the app choices for 7.10 but that is remedied 
> on a per app basis after install

Exactly so I do not know what th fuss was about having to remove 
xubuntu-desktop. The GNOME apps were entirely optional, unlike the ones 
pushed in as hard dependencies now.

> My problem is the way you waltz back to the project, make changes, and 
> say "Oh, by the way, I wiped out all traces of your work for the past 3 
> months. If you want them back in, prove they are worth it"

I could just as well say, "guys you wiped many traces of may work of the 
past 2 and a half years". ( I started working on Xfce packages for 
Ubuntu in March 2005). How does that sound? I left Xubuntu because lack 
of time but also because finally I was happy with its state as far as 
app selection and stability were concerned.

And yes I think any changed need to be proven worthwhile regadless if I 
am waltzing back or not.

And unlike Lionel who made these changes without notifying the list even 
after the fact, I did the change after writing here and having been 
ignored for a couple of days.

I do not think that doing most of the work entitles someone to do 
anything, that was not why I took the decisions back then: it was 
because I explained them and had no counterarguments.

Look at Ubuntu, do you think the direction of the distro is made based 
on number of bugs closed or packages uploaded? No, it is made by 
talking, figuring out goals and acting on them. We do not have such a 
formal proces, but talking is a must in our case as well.

thanks for writing a more thoughtful mail this time.


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