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vidd vidd at
Mon Feb 11 15:02:03 UTC 2008

Jani Monoses wrote:
>> I think they need to be made aware of your heavy handed tactics, 
> Please do not abuse the vocabulary this way or we'll have to invent new 
> words to characterize what Microsoft does.

[refrain from comment]
>> swapping out the seed just before a major benchmark Alpha release, with 
>> about 2 months before the final, long-term support version is due for 
>> release....therefore undermining a project THAT YOU DONT BELONG TO ANYMORE
> The more you write, the more you reveal your utter lack of clue:
> 1) Xubuntu was never a long term release and will not be in the 
> foreseeable future, so being in an LTS dev cycle is irrelevant here

If Xubuntu does not have long term support, please explain this excerpt 
from the website:


<>Version 7.10, codename /Gutsy Gibbon/, 
is the latest stable release. It will receive security updates until 
April 2009.


<>Version 6.06, codename /Dapper 
Drake/, is the latest stable release with /Long Term Support/. It will 
receive security updates until June 2009.


> 2) If you actually cared about support and maintainability you'd agree 
> with me that apps that have been tested for years in GNOME and are part 
> of Xubuntu in 7.10 have actually a much better chance of being long term 
> supported than apps put in because they are made by people affiliated 
> with Xfce and are bringing no advantage to the table.

I do care about using apps that actually work
I dont agree with some of the app choices for 7.10 but that is remedied 
on a per app basis after install
My problem is the way you waltz back to the project, make changes, and 
say "Oh, by the way, I wiped out all traces of your work for the past 3 
months. If you want them back in, prove they are worth it"
> 3) Your Caps Lock key is on.
> Jani

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