seed changes

Jani Monoses jani at
Mon Feb 11 14:21:25 UTC 2008

> So, along the lines of gettings changes made, there is a _blind_ user
> that has made several requests to the Xubuntu users list to have orca
> added to Xubuntu so that he can use it. He is being ignored for reasons
> unknown. How would this request be made officially?

This list is the right place. As far as I know orca has been added to 
Xubuntu in 6.10 if not 6.06 at least on the liveCD. If the user chooses 
the right option from the boot accessibility menu (visual impairment or 
something similar) then orca should end up in the installed system as well.
This does not work on the alternate CD, and I hope it still is on the 
live CD. Have not looked in the long time. But it absolutely should be 
there as the lower resources used by Xubuntu help if you get extra a11y 
apps loaded all the time.


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