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On 11/02/2008, Charlie Kravetz <cjk at> wrote:
> So, along the lines of gettings changes made, there is a _blind_ user
> that has made several requests to the Xubuntu users list to have orca
> added to Xubuntu so that he can use it. He is being ignored for reasons
> unknown. How would this request be made officially?

I think a good reason for not receiving an answer is because for most
subscribers the only possible answer could be "I don't know" or "Sorry don't
know how to do that". He has also asked at the Xfce-dev list though, where
the answer was that Orca could just as well be used in Xfce (which he
could've found out by just trying, btw), so that would be a good place to

Come to think of it (and yes, I would have replied that if I had thought of
it then), there is a forum to ask:

Thanks for an answer in the middle of this important debate, but you
> seem to know what the channels are for such things?
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