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Mon Feb 11 18:15:05 UTC 2008

As I said in my first post in this thread, I'm backing a bit from
Xubuntu development. I , just to see how things evolve... I don't see
why I should do something you've never done Jani, I've read your open
development posts:

"X is unmaintained, it bugs, Y is supported in Ubuntu and has more features."

XFCE is NOT ACTIVELY maintained, just look at the commits mailing
list... If you want something maintained as Gnome, then drop XFCE,
it's not for you... I agree this is frustrating, but we can't do
anything for this, except sending them patches : I thank you for all
your gnome patches which will certainly contribute to kill all gnome
libs in gnome itself, which is a very good progress, but the "I find a
bug in XFCE and I patch Gnome" attitude is not for me, you may have
your reasons, but I do not see the point. The time it took you could
have been better spent on XFCE, if this is your goal... and you have
the knowledge to do it..

You can bring this in front of the community council, it'll be very
funny : "The developpers of Xubuntu modify the seeds whithout asking
Jani." You know of course that if Alpha 4 was released, there would
have been release notes (which means that you would have been aware of
the changes...)...

As you can notice, I stepped down in this discussion : there is not
point in discussing with you, you are as narrow minded as you say we
are, and you can't let the baby you created evolve without you... You
warned me about a possible loss of testers, or whatever (who are very
active by the way, only took two weeks to notice that all isos were
broken), but you are losing developpers... For at least two years,
packaging has been done by Gauvain, then by Lionel, with ponctual
contributions of Cody, same for bug triaging. And I've never felt a
more closed development than when you were parading on the top of

I've already lost more time than necessary with this, I guess this
post was as needless as the rest of the discussion.

On Feb 11, 2008 4:02 PM, vidd <vidd at> wrote:
> Jani Monoses wrote:
> >> I think they need to be made aware of your heavy handed tactics,
> >>
> >
> > Please do not abuse the vocabulary this way or we'll have to invent new
> > words to characterize what Microsoft does.
> >
> [refrain from comment]
> >
> >> swapping out the seed just before a major benchmark Alpha release, with
> >> about 2 months before the final, long-term support version is due for
> >> release....therefore undermining a project THAT YOU DONT BELONG TO ANYMORE
> >>
> >
> > The more you write, the more you reveal your utter lack of clue:
> >
> > 1) Xubuntu was never a long term release and will not be in the
> > foreseeable future, so being in an LTS dev cycle is irrelevant here
> >
> If Xubuntu does not have long term support, please explain this excerpt
> from the website:
>     7.10
> <>Version 7.10, codename /Gutsy Gibbon/,
> is the latest stable release. It will receive security updates until
> April 2009.
>     6.06
> <>Version 6.06, codename /Dapper
> Drake/, is the latest stable release with /Long Term Support/. It will
> receive security updates until June 2009.
>   Xubuntu...
> > 2) If you actually cared about support and maintainability you'd agree
> > with me that apps that have been tested for years in GNOME and are part
> > of Xubuntu in 7.10 have actually a much better chance of being long term
> > supported than apps put in because they are made by people affiliated
> > with Xfce and are bringing no advantage to the table.
> >
> I do care about using apps that actually work
> I dont agree with some of the app choices for 7.10 but that is remedied
> on a per app basis after install
> My problem is the way you waltz back to the project, make changes, and
> say "Oh, by the way, I wiped out all traces of your work for the past 3
> months. If you want them back in, prove they are worth it"
> > 3) Your Caps Lock key is on.
> >
> > Jani
> >
> >
> >
> vidd
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