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Ghostvirus theghostvirus at
Wed Feb 6 22:21:17 UTC 2008

On Feb 6, 2008 3:48 PM, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:

> > You not only managed to dodge my question here, but you also flame me
> > for asking it. Not exactly a diplomatic way to handle honest questions
> > from a user of a distro you contribute to, Mr. Monoses.
> Your question was rhetorical and quite inviting to flame. If you
> rephrase it I'll probably give you a better answer Mr. ?????
> Jani

My question was hardly rhetorical, but if it came across that way, then it's
a misunderstanding. Regardless, feeling "invited to flame" is a little
immature, and acting upon that "invitation" is even moreso.

As for my real name, I don't use it on public mailing lists, because I don't
like having it Googleable. Sorry.
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