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Jani Monoses jani at
Wed Feb 6 20:48:21 UTC 2008

> Why must the replacements specifically be "gnome apps"? Can they not be 
> third party GTK apps?

Of course they can. It only happens that gnome apps, at least for the 
categaories we are debating are more mature, are more user friendly 
(GNOME are usually serious about that) and have the advantage of being 
maintained by Ubuntu devs, thus SRU and other work is offloaded from 

If the non-GNOEM alternatives have compellig advantages that outweigh 
these I am not opposing them, but so far noone is saying anything baout 
thse advantages. Promoting GTK=only or Xfce apps is not what Xubuntu is 
about. That is a developer oriented point of view. Users should be first 
so origin or developer of the app only matters indirectly, via the 
aspects I mentioned above.

>      >
>      > Xfce has far fewer developers and users than GNOME does. They can't
>      > possibly respond to bugs and user requests at the same rate the GNOME
>      > devs do. If you dislike this, move to GNOME.
>      >
>      > I'm curious as to why you have any interest in Xfce at all, at
>     this point.
>      >
>     I am curious why are you writing at all if you have nothing constructive
>     or informative to add to the thread?
>     Jani
> You not only managed to dodge my question here, but you also flame me 
> for asking it. Not exactly a diplomatic way to handle honest questions 
> from a user of a distro you contribute to, Mr. Monoses.

Your question was rhetorical and quite inviting to flame. If you 
rephrase it I'll probably give you a better answer Mr. ?????


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