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On Feb 6, 2008 3:38 AM, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:

> >
> > This is getting ridiculous. If you think Xfce is so bad that it has to
> > be patched up with various bits of GNOME, why are you even working on an
> Xfce itself does not need to be patches (much). It needs however to be
> complemented with apps that they do not have or the ones that they are
> working on are immature.

I don't think anyone's disputing that Xfce needs outside applications to
make a usable desktop. What we're questioning is the current selection of
said apps.

> > Xfce-based adaption of Ubuntu? If you think the Xfce devs are lazy about
> > fixing bugs and putting out new releases, why are you not working for
> > GNOME instead?
> Actually I am working on GNOME, since seeing that Xfce does not have a
> clear goal and schedule. But that is fine, their core is solid, that is
> why it should be in Xubuntu. But the apps are missing and that is where
> gnome apps are more appropriate.

Why must the replacements specifically be "gnome apps"? Can they not be
third party GTK apps?

> >
> > Xfce has far fewer developers and users than GNOME does. They can't
> > possibly respond to bugs and user requests at the same rate the GNOME
> > devs do. If you dislike this, move to GNOME.
> >
> > I'm curious as to why you have any interest in Xfce at all, at this
> point.
> >
> I am curious why are you writing at all if you have nothing constructive
> or informative to add to the thread?
> Jani

You not only managed to dodge my question here, but you also flame me for
asking it. Not exactly a diplomatic way to handle honest questions from a
user of a distro you contribute to, Mr. Monoses.

You seem to exhibit a certain distaste for Xfce, which is why I can't
understand why you're working on a distro that's supposed to be

If you're going to respond with little more than petty flames, then I can
see no reason to continue attempting to get a satisfactory explanation from

I hope the other Xubuntu devs work this out and come to a conclusion as to
what Xubuntu's goals and target userbase should be.

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