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Jani Monoses jani at
Tue Feb 5 22:03:23 UTC 2008

Jérôme Guelfucci wrote:
> Xubuntu is ubuntu because it takes advantage of the kernel, udev..
> work, the restricted manager, the community, the repos with very
> updated stuff.
Exactly. But you're loosing a good part of the community both of testers 
and of mainatiners if you _gratuitously_ switch out some apps.

> BUT what's the point in putting the same applications as in Ubuntu ?
> It's only duplicting stuff, and is totally useless. It would be better
> to contribute directly to Ubuntu in that case.

openoffice, evolution, mono apps, compiz, tracker, panel with python 
applets in it, all pretty large resource hogs, you're right we're using 
the same applications in Xubuntu 7.10 and that is why it is bloated.

I wish you could stick to the facts and handwave less because you keep 
saying nonsense and I have a hard time taking your arguments seriously.

> What's the point in putting things like gnome-mount, gnome-system
> monitor, gnome-screensaver when we can promote the xfce applications
> instead.

Why do you want to 'promote' stuff? This is not about promoting 
anything, it is about having a good balance between a light core and 
friendly apps. You obviusly did not get the advantages of gnome mount 
and g-s-s despite they having been mentioned before.
xscreensaver is not xfce btw.

> Ghostvirus:
> For me and for most people I know, except the ones I see in that
> mailing list, Xubuntu is a distro that takes advantage of Ubuntu to
> provide a desktop based on *XFCE*. Like Kubuntu does, Ubuntu with KDE.
based on Xfce it is. And to complete the core desktop it uses sensible apps.
> Unfortunately the user friendly goal of Ubuntu was converted in "let's
> ship gnome applications" instead of "let's impove xfce".

You go and improve Xfce.  I have tried during dapper and after and have 
given up. Most of the devs don't care about timely releases and users as 
they work for fun mostly.
You're ridiculously misguided if you think that improving Xfce and 
writing everything from zero is easier than reusing existing apps and 
improving them instead , and you are ready to risk users' experience 
because you're on a mission to fix Xfce.


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