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Kaspar Kööp meborc at
Tue Feb 5 21:53:26 UTC 2008

On 05/02/2008, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:
> > It appears all Xubuntu developers are also users, and have their
> > preferences as users, which they would like to see satisfied when they
> > are acting as developers. Now it appears that there is a major choice to
> > be made: In case you cannto have both, is user-friendly-ness/stability
> > more important or  efficiency/lightweight-ness? Why not ask the users?
> that is not really the choice. As I said the lightweightness issue is
> mostly a red herring in the cases of apps people have been changing.
> Only for the absolutely broken apps did we introduce gnome counterparts,
> the others have gnome in the name but are gtk only (hello Jerome, please
> run an ldd once in a while before coming up with bits of wisdom along
> the lines of 'things have gnome in their names therefore they are to be
> used in gnome')
> Jani

if this keeps going on like this, there will be a forking in xubuntu-land...
which is bad as there are way too few people developing xubuntu already

i see a lot of people (a lot in this case means the majority from the posts
i have read on this list) wanting back lightweight programs... and i see a
few (or one) who wants to go all out with xUBUNTU

too bad... very sad... but that is what i see
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