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Sun Aug 3 10:47:34 UTC 2008

I just wanted to make two points about the appearance of Ubuntu and Xubuntu.
1. I think Xubuntu is one of the prettiest distros out there and it is part of the reason why I use it. Don't let the fact Ubuntu is trashed as being fugly make you think that Xubuntu is doing something wrong as well. Xubuntu is very polished looking. So just keep doing what you have always done.
2. The main reason Ubuntu is ugly is nothing to do with the lack of developers/artists and everything to do with the colour scheme used. No one says Fedora with it's professional looking blue themes is ugly, yet really the differences between one gnome desktop to the next are not that huge. What makes Ubuntu ugly is the colours. The combination of peachy skin tones, brown turd tones and bright orange tones is just a design nightmare, but it has become so entrenched as part of the defining factor of Ubuntu that no one is willing to change it. Even Apple would struggle to make OS X look sexy if they had to use the same colour pallet as Ubuntu. Basically until Ubuntu is willing to drop the colour scheme they currently use and switch to something classy it is always going to be ugly, no matter what improvements are made to the gnome desktop.
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