jmak jozmak at
Tue Aug 5 00:11:30 UTC 2008

On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Eero Tamminen <oak at> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Monday 04 August 2008, Jari Rahkonen wrote:
>> style "panel"
>> {
>> bg[NORMAL] = "#d6d6d6"
>> xthickness = 0
>> ythickness = 0
>> }
>> widget_class "*Panel*" style "panel"
>> widget "*Panel*" style "panel"
>> class "*Panel*" style "panel"
> AFAIK style specifications like "*name*" are noticeably slower than
> specifying things using "*name" or "name*" (because those can be
> short-circuited) if there are lot of these style items. As styles are bound
> at item creation, e.g. treeviews in file selectors with thousands of items
> could get slower enough so that user notices it, at least of slower
> machines...
> (maemo distro has huge gtkrcs for defining styles and they were one of
> the reasons why maemo uses maemo-launcher to speed up starting
> the applications.)
>> I substituted the color you specified in your mail, otherwise that's a
>> direct quote from the blog entry. You can find the entry here:
>> I don't claim to know the gtkrc format, but it seems you should be able
>> to make sure the style is only applied to the xfce panel by using more
>> specific widget and style names. That way there would seem to be no
>> reason not to include it in the upstream theme. I'd assume that as is
>> the theme would be applied to any gtk widget with "Panel" as part of
>> it's name. The friendly people on the xfce-dev mailing list would
>> probably be able to tell you which widgets you should be interested in.
> Maybe xubuntu themes could have separate gtkrc for panel and panel
> could load it by itself from current theme (directory)?

Hi Jari, Eero,

Actually, Unity includes panel theming code. I made a stupid mistake
of not checking this out but assuming that unity is like the default
theme that do not. So everything is fine and looking good. The
bg[NORMAL] = "#b6b6b6" is not needed in the gtkrc-2.0 file but the
rest still needs to be there in order to improve icon rendering on the


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