update doc status

Luzius Thöny lucius.antonius at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 21:25:46 UTC 2007

i'm working on the docs like a madman right now :) i think it will reach 
a 'shipable' state in the next few days. i'm not quite sure what the 
procedure for uploading is, since we're in beta freeze now... can we 
still have it uploaded?

i believe the following would be the ideal plan: xubuntu-docs should be 
uploaded once during the next few days (as soon as it reaches 'shipable' 
status), with the translation templates inside. those should go into 
rosetta automatically. later, as close to release as possible,  to give 
translators as much time as possible, there should be a *second*  upload 
with all translations included. does that sound right?

i expect some packaging troubles, because the dir layouts etc. have 
radically changed since the last time. i can commit any changes to the 
Makefile and the debian/ dir, but i have no clue what changes are needed.


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