docs status?

Luzius Thöny lucius.antonius at
Wed Sep 19 09:45:45 UTC 2007

Jari Rahkonen wrote:
> Luzius Thöny kirjoitti:
>> well, we are not done yet... as you might know, we decided to 
>> discontinue the old desktop guide and base our gutsy docs on ubuntu's. 
>> most of the docs habe been adjusted to fit xubuntu (mainly thanks to 
>> george, jan and jim), but a few parts still need work (e.g. the chapter 
>> about music / videso still talks about rhythmbox...).
>> we also have some issues with links, since many of the links from the 
>> ubuntu docs are designed to work in yelp, which we don't ship, so we 
>> need find a solution for this soon (see posts on ubuntu-doc ML list).
>> so, even though string freeze has passed, i think the docs desperatly 
>> need some more work. i'm going to ask over on ubuntu-doc if that's 
>> alright if we keep committing stuff for a few more days.
>> luzi
> I assume that the currently translatable desktop guide in launchpad is
> obsolete and the new one will not be available for translation any time
> soon? It would help even if an incomplete guide was made available for
> translators as soon as possible instead of letting them waste their time
> translating the old one.
> - Jari

yeah, you're right. i just wrote to ubuntu-translators that it does 
*not* make sense to translate the obsolete Xubuntu desktop guide. let's 
hope we can get the new templates uploaded soon :) (any help appreciated!)


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