Interesting interview with one of Xfce's lead developers: Benedikt Meurer

Vincent imnotb at
Wed Sep 19 14:45:14 UTC 2007

Hey lists,

This is a very interesting interview with Benedikt Meurer about Xfce that I
thought might be of interest to you all:

I'm hoping this article will be read by many because it might attract some
new developers to Xfce, which it could definitely use. There are also some
(rightly) praising words about our own Jani Monoses ;-)

*Does Xfce receive help and feedback from the Linux Distributions that use
> Xfce as their default GUI?*
> Gentoo and Ubuntu mostly. They forward bug reports from their own bug
> tracking systems, help to track issues and sometimes provide simple patches.
> One of the most active contributors in this area is Xubuntu's Jani Monoses.
> Of course, we would welcome a helping hand or two from other distributors.
> ;-)
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