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Sun Nov 11 11:39:53 UTC 2007

On Nov 10, 2007 10:57 PM, jmak <jozmak at> wrote:
> > Jozsef,
> >
> > I really feel that you are letting your personal preference play way too
> big
> > a role in this issue. Xfce's panels *where* designed to be able to be
> used
> > the way Xubuntu uses them now. It is far from obvious to me why it
> cannot
> > function properly in this layout. I *do* see why a dock-arrangement
> would be
> > a source of trouble to new users ( i.e. they have to guess an
> application's
> > function by its icon). I also don't see why upstream would want us to
> use
> > that arrangement.
> >
> In fact, gnome is my favorite desktop environment. But gnome panels
> are sophisticated and working. XFCE panels are not yet. The icons wont
> scale properly, some stretching the panels, some have to much padding
> around them, and so on, as it was explained by others in the previous
> posts.  AT the current state xfce is to crude to be considered as an
> elegant solution for gnome like layout.
> Why one wants to force a lame solution on something that is in other
> instances work quite well. This is all I am saying.  When 4.6 comes
> out we still can go back to the gnome design and try it out. Even
> gnome has various layouts, suse uses kde like panel, ubuntu and fedora
> the original designs. So the world wont fold over us if we try out a
> different design once.

In my opinion the benefits of the current layout far outweigh those of
having a temporary workaround for the icon size issue, and is far more in
line with Xubuntu's goal.

If Radomir's suggestion would be feasible that would be best, I think. We
could have the current design by default so new users can easily find their
way around, and allow for easily changing the layout to the dock-setup for
those that already know their way around the system.

In fact, this idea has been discussed for Ubuntu too [1] so it would be
interesting to see if Xubuntu could get something like that.


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