Proposed Application for Xubuntu

Harold Aling h.aling at
Tue May 8 08:08:54 UTC 2007

Ronnie Whisler wrote:
> I have found a couple of applications that should be in Xubuntu in my
> opinion
> 1st. CatFish - for lightweight file search utility
Cool app, except for the fact that it died on me instantly while I tried 
to cancel a search...
> 2nd. gmusicbrowser - for lightweight music player 
Really bloated app, and I could never figure out the interface, just 
like Exaile. I'd vote for VLC if they would finally implement 'only one 
instance' and don't drop the xvwindows interface for a QT-based one. 
Than we would have one application for both audio and video with good 
codec support and simple player + playlist interface.
> 3rd. get rid of gxine and go with mplayer with optimal settings
> (gmusicbrowser can use mplayer as its backend) also only player that
> plays apples movie trailers.
> 4. grip - for lightweight cd player & ripper
Way too many Gnome dependencies
> 5. hacburn - for lightweight cd burning (since xfburn doesnt work for
> most things)
> 6. claw-mail - for lightweight email client (with a couple plugins and
> the tango theme installed)
Fast application, many features, but looks really unattractive and 
difficult to configure... Maybe later?

I'd like to think in what a user wants, then find the most appropriate 
application for it.

A user would probably like to:
* Listen to audio -> VLC
* Watch a video -> VLC
* Read mail -> Thunderbird or Claws
* Edit a home video -> Kino
* Synchronise my mobile phone/PDA -> ??? / OpenSync (once it get's a 
good interface)
* Type a letter -> Abiword/Openoffice
* Manage finances -> Gnucash
* Browse the web -> Firefox
* Look at pictures -> gqview
* Burn a cd -> ??? / Brasero (I currently use NeroLinux 3 with my 'old' 
Windows Nero 6 license!)



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