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Tue May 8 07:51:30 UTC 2007

No strong feelings on most of the suggestions other than replacing Xfburn. It would seem that a lot of people including myself have problems getting the application to work at all. I think shipping Xubuntu with a burner that doesn't work for many reflects badly on the distro, I use graveman myself which although not problem free, seems to be the best light burner gui app that I've tried so far, but I've not tried hacburn.

aka grazie

Ronnie Whisler <mrwislr at> wrote: I have found a couple of applications that should be in Xubuntu in my

1st. CatFish - for lightweight file search utility

2nd. gmusicbrowser - for lightweight music player 

3rd. get rid of gxine and go with mplayer with optimal settings
(gmusicbrowser can use mplayer as its backend) also only player that
plays apples movie trailers.

4. grip - for lightweight cd player & ripper

5. hacburn - for lightweight cd burning (since xfburn doesnt work for
most things)

6. claw-mail - for lightweight email client (with a couple plugins and
the tango theme installed)

these are just some

i know i can think of more but i'm tired

think them over test them whatever

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