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Adam Miller maxamillion at
Tue May 8 04:51:51 UTC 2007

1- The core developer/project lead of the catfish project is a valued
xubuntu community member and the idea of moving catfish into our release has
been put up to discussion before and I assume it would only be a matter of
time before it becomes a default package. I believe the biggest dilemma at
the moment if finding a MOTU sponsor for it to be in the repositories.

2 - I am not familiar with the application but this can be looked into and
brought up for discussion

3 - a default media player has been tossed back and forth time and time
again, I personally would like to see either vlc or mplayer in the place of
gxine, but there was a solid argument at the time of the (i believe it was
Edgy) development cycle in which it was added.

4 - again, not familiar with the application but always open to new ideas

5 - same as 2 and 4

6 - claws mail is something that has been considered heavily for inclusion
and we even have a claws developer who works in collaboration with our
development team in order to get claws mail "up to par" with what features
our user base claim they require from an email application (i think the only
thing left is html support or extensive html support) so I assume its
inclusion, just as catfish, will simply be a matter of time.

Thank you for the suggestions, we are always looking for ideas for
applications and are always curious what the user base would like to see in
the distro because after all this is a distro by the community for the
community. If you think of those other applications please post them here
and I will make a point to bring them up at the next scheduled developers
meeting (I will have to check my calendar but I am almost positive it is
later this week)


On 5/7/07, Ronnie Whisler <mrwislr at> wrote:
> I have found a couple of applications that should be in Xubuntu in my
> opinion
> 1st. CatFish - for lightweight file search utility
> 2nd. gmusicbrowser - for lightweight music player
> 3rd. get rid of gxine and go with mplayer with optimal settings
> (gmusicbrowser can use mplayer as its backend) also only player that
> plays apples movie trailers.
> 4. grip - for lightweight cd player & ripper
> 5. hacburn - for lightweight cd burning (since xfburn doesnt work for
> most things)
> 6. claw-mail - for lightweight email client (with a couple plugins and
> the tango theme installed)
> these are just some
> i know i can think of more but i'm tired
> think them over test them whatever
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