Problem with adding samba printer in Herd 5

Foxy foxy at
Sun Mar 4 18:29:26 UTC 2007

Due to some crash of my laptop I decide to ditch Dapper and switch to 
Feisty. This is the first time I decided to install Xubuntu. Before I 
usually used Ubuntu with XFCE.

The installation was fine but I ran into trouble trying to add Windows 
samba printer. I used Settings/Printing. The programme properly 
identified my shared printer by clicking on it did not add the printer's 
address in the upper window (smb:// ...).

I tried to do it manually by enabling localhost:631 and using cups 
interface, but still I cannot do it. I think I have the address wrong 
for some reason. I tried to run smbtree:
> ~$ smbtree 
> Password: 
>         \\NECAPTOP                      necaptop server (Samba, Ubuntu)
>                 \\NECAPTOP\IPC$                 IPC Service (necaptop server (Samba, Ubuntu))
>                 \\NECAPTOP\etc_nec        
>                 \\NECAPTOP\sveta          
>                 \\NECAPTOP\sasha          
>                 \\NECAPTOP\alex           
>                 \\NECAPTOP\print$               Printer Drivers
>         \\AC-PC                         Al's Uber PC
>                 \\AC-PC\diskl          
>                 \\AC-PC\L$              Default share
>                 \\AC-PC\C$              Default share
>                 \\AC-PC\H$              Default share
>                 \\AC-PC\ADMIN$          Remote Admin
>                 \\AC-PC\dx3800          EPSON Stylus DX3800 Series
>                 \\AC-PC\diskd          
>                 \\AC-PC\print$          Printer Drivers
>                 \\AC-PC\SharedDocs     
>                 \\AC-PC\D$              Default share
>                 \\AC-PC\IPC$            Remote IPC
>                 \\AC-PC\diskh          

So I put smb://WORKGROUP/AK-PC/dx3800, but CUPS shows
> "Unable to connect to CIFS host, will retry in 60 seconds..."

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