Fabrice Colin fabrice.colin at
Thu Jan 25 04:03:14 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Daniele Favara wrote :
> xapian is very fast but it more a  "google like" tool.
A more accurate description of Xapian would be a search engine toolkit,
just like Lucene.

> Pinot could be a good candidate but xubuntu devels had to intercat
> more with the pinot devel a while ago before getting an usable tool
> in particular as desktop search tool.
Last time we were in touch was in the 0.49 days, when Pinot's desktop
search functionality was almost non-existent.

In december I spent a while working with people from Zenwalk and
Frugalware to fix issues with Pinot and adapt it to their needs, so there's
no reason why I can't do the same thing with you guys if you are interested.

> tracker is the best around and the fastest too  in my opinion,
> trackerfs is very interesting too .. in particular used as xfce-panel
> plugin
I am not aware of any figure comparing Pinot with Tracker or Beagle (or
any other desktop search system).
I would also point out that all three can interface with deskbar-applet, which
I believe can be embedded in the XFCE panel, using xfce4-xfapplet-plugin.



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