Have tested Zenwalk and I think we sould realy consider to join forces with the graphical stuff!

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Wed Jan 10 16:28:55 UTC 2007

Hi guy's,

I have been testing zenwalk on vmware and I am very impressed. I was testing to see how they implemented xfce and the graphical looks of it.

First thing I noticed, was the completion of nice together fitting icon's on all menu items apps, and panel items and more stuff. It just looks right then.
We can for example exchange this graphical work and build better linux distro's. I think we should really make work of the fitting of the right icons by the apps, also when scaling the icons bigger and smaller they should always look nice.

Also I spoke with some zenwalk users through IRC. And indeed say that they that xubuntu is a bad gnome clone. When I ask further they come by these thoughts because of the top and bottom bar of the desktop. When ask further and defending xubuntu they frustrated pointed to the xubuntu website http://www.xubuntu.org/screenshots. And indeed there is not much change between the screenshots. Time for some changes there guys. We can change this "bad" image very easily. We use xfce and so do they it is easily to changes the looks to something similar to zenwalk and dreamlinux so lets do this. Jmak I believe you were head of the xubuntu art work? Can you do this? and change edgy in a few different configuration's with different looks. Also make a tutorial around it so user can easily do it them self. We can put this on the website.

Also we could make a tool/script system for xfce to be able to load different graphical configurations all in one time. To be more detailed: xfce is using his own settings to make xfce appear like it is now. Zenwalk and Dreamlinux and other xfce distro's also have to manually set all these settings. Let's make a tool or extend the "User interface preferences" with a configuration file and a open standard for it. That let us load different graphical configurations for the total xfce desktop system. Jani, I believe you have the best contacts with xfce developers like Benedikt. Can you do some work on this front?

Good idea's? To much text here? Am I to pussy? :-D

Best regards,


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