Fabrice Colin fabrice.colin at
Thu Jan 25 04:02:07 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Oblio wrote :
> Tested it now - Pinot. Doesn't seem to do what is wanted. It's a sort of
> metasearch engine, but seems web oriented, or I can't get it do add
> other search engines like that other Zenwalk tool does - slocate or find.
It's a bit like saying that the Beagle UI doesn't allow searching the Tracker
index, or query the slocate database :-)

I guess it's my fault for not describing correctly what Pinot is (I am
the author).
Pinot is two things :
- a DBus service ('pinot-dbus-daemon') that crawls and indexes documents,
  and monitors them for changes, similarly to what the beagle and tracker
  daemons do.
- a GTK UI ('pinot') that enables to query the index built by the service or any
  Web-based search engine. Basically, the UI provides both Web metasearch
  and desktop search functionalities, and allows to configure the DBus service
  (see the Indexing tab in the Preferences window).

Search4files (now called catfish) is a front-end for different search
It's indeed very good at what it does, and could, with minimum effort, interface
with Pinot (either by calling 'pinot'search' on the command line, or
through DBus).

I hope this clarifies things.


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