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Thu Jan 11 00:26:38 UTC 2007

Search4Files, recently rechristianed Catfish, is a frontend to many
CLI-based search tools including find, locate, trackerd, and beagled. I use
it in conjunction with tracker all the time. This is the program that
kalikiana was writing, Cody.

Search4Files has very nice integration with Thunar, and I like it and use it
all the time. Highly recommended. If you want to use tracker as backend, it
is a lot like Beagle, but lighter and faster. Beagle itself has some gnome
depends, but tracker has less. Search4Files has none.


On 1/10/07, daniele favara <danjele at> wrote:
> On 1/10/07, Cody Somerville <cody.somerville at> wrote:
> > I think there is a user in #xubuntu that developed a gui frontend for
> > locate, slocate, tracker, etc. It seemed to work rather well. I think
> the
> > name of the individual was kalikiana (sp).
> >
> i'd focus on tracker + trackerfs ... slocate is not really what a
> desktop search tools should do.
> can slocate return file contents ?
> The main issue of such tools is the time needed to "index" files.
> xapian is very fast but it more a  "google like" tool. Pinot could be
> a good candidate but xubuntu devels had to intercat more with the
> pinot devel a while ago before getting an usable tool in particular as
> desktop search tool.
> tracker is the best around and the fastest too  in my opinion,
> trackerfs is very interesting too .. in particular used as xfce-panel
> plugin
> my 2c
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