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Tue Dec 18 20:38:08 UTC 2007

+1000000 Jani.

On 12/18/07, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:
> Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
> > On Dec 18, 2007 8:10 PM, Vincent <imnotb at> wrote:
> >> So what's the problem with including GTK apps that contain "Gnome" in
> their
> >> name?
> >
> > Infact this is not the problem. The problem is their dependancy from gnome
> > related libraries.
> That's not the largest problem. Other things in a normal desktop take up
> more space (python apps like hplip, ubiquity, printer applet).
> The gnome libs issue is a problem too, just not the largest. The best
> way to solve this is looking into removing libgnome dependencies from
> such apps instead of putting in immature or unmaintained ones instead.
> This 2.22 GNOME cycle two of my patches were included upstream, they get
> rid of libgnome in gucharmap and network-manager and if time permits
> I'll look into others too. If you wish to improve memory consumption,
> picking an included gnome app and sending a patch upstream is the best
> way to help. Whining about app choices is not productive and won't get
> us anywhere.
> There are plenty such apps, they were mentioned in past threads. So
> anyone willing to help please consider helping out with code instead of
> endlessly debating this.
> Jani
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