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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 23 08:05:05 UTC 2007

Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
> On 8/23/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
>> why do you think I should be up-to-date with what is happening with svn trunk of xarchiver?
>> I am not in fact.
> So please don't speak in a public list of bugs which have been fixed.

bugs are fixed when they are in xubuntu. It is not even in a released xarchiver, users do not benefit from
it so it is not fixed. And no we do not include unreleased svn snapshots. If you think it is not ready for
release as tarball it is not ready for xubuntu.

>> It shows the two files but I cannot right-click on them or launch them from there.
> Yes it's normal because I didn't implement such behaviour.

Ok, so it's a missing feature. A 'quirk' as I said initially.

>> Oh, I just noticed it has a View button (not exactly intuitive and not Launch)
> The button View is not intuitive?? Why don't you leave the mouse upon
> it and read the tooltip which appears? Or should I describe each
> button with dozen and so on words??

no it is not. Intuitive is clicking on the file not readig tooltips of buttons.
>> . Even worse on a diff.gz
>> inside the archive it now popped up an error saying something about not being able to display UTF8 and
>> crashed xarchiver
> The crash shouldn't occur obviously but the View function works for
> ASCII files ONLY in 0.4.6; you used a binary one.

Oh, so it is my fault because of most archives actually contain non-text files. Sorry, xarchiver is
obviously absolved.

>> And stop using a patronizing tone and innuendos in your email and or I'll start ignoring them from now on.
> Be sure of what you say in a public list where thousand of people can
> read its messages then!

I describe and back up with facts my opinions of xarchiver. You are handwaving a lot.
>> For what it's worth I am pretty sure I spent more time on xubuntu than you on xarchiver and I hate to see it ship bug-ridden apps.
> You did well, please continue doing it by ALSO providing patches for
> the bug ridden apps thank you.

Why the hell should I provide patches for every bugridden app? Why are you not fixing it if you're aware of it
and the maintainers? Should a go around and pacth all xubuntu apps instead of filing bugs and expecting their mainatiners fix them?

The reason you want a patch for that is because it is hard to implement in the current code base so you just duck it. 

>> PS: as an experiment I tried opening same file from web with file roller. Surprisingly when clicking on a .dsc file
>> it asked what to open with -mousepad or else - the regular open dialog one would expect.
>> Clicking on the diff.gz inside the .zip it *gasp* opened that with file-roller so I could actually see what's in it too
>> and in turn view with mousepad.
>> In other words what I would expect more or less (a better way would be seemless navigatipon of course) from an archive viewer.
> File-roller uses gnomevfs for this; Xarchiver was born for being
> INDEPENDENT and independent WILL remain even if Jani Monoses (the only
> person to take decisions in Xubuntu) will decide to replace it with
> file-roller though its huge memory usage upon which you avoided to
> speak but that I reported:
I did not avoid speaking about it. I said it is stupid to concentrate on corener case in detriment of the regular use-case.
So I do not care about 145Mb archives.

> If we really valued our egos we would ship lighter apps instead of
> bloating a light distro born to be run on lower CPU machines with
> heavy and memory hungry apps.

If we only valued egos we would not give a s**t about what users think and would be a garage-distro.


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