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Giuseppe Torelli colossus73 at
Thu Aug 23 08:41:32 UTC 2007

On 8/23/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> Why the hell should I provide patches for every bugridden app? Why are you not fixing it if you're aware of it
> and the maintainers? Should a go around and pacth all xubuntu apps instead of filing bugs and expecting their mainatiners fix them?

Fixing takes time; you work on code developed by others just by
sending patches and you don't care of the overall of the app. This way
is much more easier but it's hard for you to understand, you just send

> The reason you want a patch for that is because it is hard to implement in the current code base so you just duck it.

I already fixed that bug you opened on long ago, ah
yes it's not in ubuntu so it's not fixed...

> If we only valued egos we would not give a s**t about what users think and would be a garage-distro.

Shipping the same apps in Ubuntu will BE Xubuntu made a garage distro.
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