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Giuseppe Torelli colossus73 at
Thu Aug 23 07:39:20 UTC 2007

On 8/23/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> why do you think I should be up-to-date with what is happening with svn trunk of xarchiver?
> I am not in fact.

So please don't speak in a public list of bugs which have been fixed.

> It shows the two files but I cannot right-click on them or launch them from there.

Yes it's normal because I didn't implement such behaviour.

> Oh, I just noticed it has a View button (not exactly intuitive and not Launch)

The button View is not intuitive?? Why don't you leave the mouse upon
it and read the tooltip which appears? Or should I describe each
button with dozen and so on words??

>. Even worse on a diff.gz
> inside the archive it now popped up an error saying something about not being able to display UTF8 and
> crashed xarchiver

The crash shouldn't occur obviously but the View function works for
ASCII files ONLY in 0.4.6; you used a binary one.

> And stop using a patronizing tone and innuendos in your email and or I'll start ignoring them from now on.

Be sure of what you say in a public list where thousand of people can
read its messages then!

> For what it's worth I am pretty sure I spent more time on xubuntu than you on xarchiver and I hate to see it ship bug-ridden apps.

You did well, please continue doing it by ALSO providing patches for
the bug ridden apps thank you.

> PS: as an experiment I tried opening same file from web with file roller. Surprisingly when clicking on a .dsc file
> it asked what to open with -mousepad or else - the regular open dialog one would expect.
> Clicking on the diff.gz inside the .zip it *gasp* opened that with file-roller so I could actually see what's in it too
> and in turn view with mousepad.
> In other words what I would expect more or less (a better way would be seemless navigatipon of course) from an archive viewer.

File-roller uses gnomevfs for this; Xarchiver was born for being
INDEPENDENT and independent WILL remain even if Jani Monoses (the only
person to take decisions in Xubuntu) will decide to replace it with
file-roller though its huge memory usage upon which you avoided to
speak but that I reported:

gt[file-roller-2.16.2]$ pmap -d 2440 | head
2440:   src/file-roller /home/gt/Xarchiver_Test/
Address   Kbytes Mode  Offset           Device    Mapping
08048000     248 r-x-- 0000000000000000 008:00003 file-roller
08086000       8 rw--- 000000000003e000 008:00003 file-roller
08088000  143560 rw--- 0000000008088000 000:00000   [ anon ]
b6bc8000     452 r---- 0000000000000000 008:00002 DejaVuSans-Oblique.ttf
b6c39000     484 r---- 0000000000000000 008:00002 DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf
b6cb2000     384 rw-s- 0000000000000000 000:00007   [ shmid=0x35a6 ]
b6d12000      60 r-x-- 0000000000000000 008:00002
b6d21000       4 rw--- 000000000000f000 008:00002

gt[xarchiver]$ pmap -d 2465 | head
2465:   src/xarchiver /home/gt/Xarchiver_Test/
Address   Kbytes Mode  Offset           Device    Mapping
08048000     164 r-x-- 0000000000000000 008:00003 xarchiver
08071000       4 rw--- 0000000000028000 008:00003 xarchiver
08072000   92776 rw--- 0000000008072000 000:00000   [ anon ]
b6ee7000     384 rw-s- 0000000000000000 000:00007   [ shmid=0x360c ]
b6f47000      16 r-x-- 0000000000000000 008:00002
b6f4b000       4 rw--- 0000000000003000 008:00002
b6f4c000     512 r---- 0000000000000000 008:00002 DejaVuSans.ttf
b6fcc000      56 r--s- 0000000000000000 008:00002

143 MB of file-roller 2.16 against 92 MB of xarchiver in svn NOT 0.4.6.

> But we shall value zealotry and our egos more than user experience and continue shipping xarchiver.

If we really valued our egos we would ship lighter apps instead of
bloating a light distro born to be run on lower CPU machines with
heavy and memory hungry apps.

What a pity...

Xarchiver, a Linux GTK+2 only archive manager -

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