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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 23 07:07:32 UTC 2007

> Jani,Jani, you shouldn't speak of things you don't know yet:

why do you think I should be up-to-date with what is happening with svn trunk of xarchiver?
I am not in fact.

>> and another it cannot do anything with open archives like launch a file from it,
> ???? What do you say Jani? It can add, extract, delete, test and
> create exe archives after opening it.

I have just tested in gutsy:

download a zip file from the web with two files in it, firefox asks and I say open with xarchiver.
It shows the two files but I cannot right-click on them or launch them from there.
Oh, I just noticed it has a View button (not exactly intuitive and not Launch). Even worse on a diff.gz
inside the archive it now popped up an error saying something about not being able to display UTF8 and
crashed xarchiver.

So I cannot say my opinion about it actually improved with this test.

>> if they are listed there as in a file manager. So what happened is user opened an archiver from the web
>> using xarchiver, it's content appeared in the view but individual files could not be accessed, they needed
>> to be extracted first somewhere and then used there.

just as I said and tried before.

> An archive downloaded from the web is put in /tmp. I just tried now
> with Xarchiver 0.4.6, the archive is corrected accessed using /tmp, I
> tried extracting a file and it is correctly extracted; I tried viewing
> it and it correctly appears in the Xarchiver view window. Again Jani
> when speaking be sure to know what you say. I spent a LOT of hours in
> coding Xarchiver, improving it over and over again and it's not
> correct by you to spit upon it.

View is not the same as a generic open for any kind of mimetype

I am not spitting on your app but providing feedback and criticizing what I find faulty hoping you care about such feedback.

And stop using a patronizing tone and innuendos in your email and or I'll start ignoring them from now on.

For what it's worth I am pretty sure I spent more time on xubuntu than you on xarchiver and I hate to
see it ship bug-ridden apps.


PS: as an experiment I tried opening same file from web with file roller. Surprisingly when clicking on a .dsc file
it asked what to open with -mousepad or else - the regular open dialog one would expect.
Clicking on the diff.gz inside the .zip it *gasp* opened that with file-roller so I could actually see what's in it too
and in turn view with mousepad.
In other words what I would expect more or less (a better way would be seemless navigatipon of course) from an archive viewer.

But we shall value zealotry and our egos more than user experience and continue shipping xarchiver.

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