GNOME dependencies

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 9 19:40:46 UTC 2007

> Obviously there's no easy solution to this problem right now. If Gnome 
> apps have to be installed by default, so be it. I just hope it doesn't 
> become a trend.

Guys, we cannot all admit that we do not use some of the apps we ship, but stick to them and
force them upon inexperienced users.

Just for the sake of whatever kind of correctness or out of principle stay away from GNOME apps?

Here are other possible consequences of this hypothetical Xubuntu+GNOME apps unification:

- we share more apps with Ubuntu, thus spend developer time on improving them and benefit from
their developer efforts. Bug triaging efforts are similarly easier. Both desktops get better.

- Xubuntu is a lot closer to a friendly desktop and no it's not "90% GNOME OMG!" but same
lighter desktop with some apps from GNOME but which are only started explictly. OpenOffice
included is not good even as a joke though ;)

-Since the apps are shared Xubuntu is way more likely to get commercial 24/7 support from Canonical or
companies elsewhere as there's a smaller extra burden of dealing with new bugs and use cases.
That can open a whole new segment of users to it.

Please let's think of this only in technical terms and user experience terms, leaving our developer bias
and possibly gnome induced traumas of the past at the door ;)

Again, as in the OP I'd like to hear opinions of deployers of Xubuntu (or derivatives). They have more
close-hand experience with users and can say whether this direction would help or annoy them

We can discuss this all we can on the list, but we're not the typical Xubuntu user.


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