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On 8/9/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> > I use Xfce because 95% of my favorite apps are GTK-based, and I dislike
> > Gnome for a few reasons (useless bloat, some bad default apps, Gnome
> > devs' attitudes, etc). I'm using Xubuntu over Zenwalk because it's
> > Debian-based, which is easier to grasp over Slackware for newer users
> > like me. However, if Xubuntu becomes little more than Ubuntu with Xfce
> > installed over it, I'll have to learn the Slackware way of doing
> things...
> do you know what zenwalk uses for CD burning and archiver?
> Jani
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Currently, GnomeBaker. They used to use Graveman, but switched when it
became obvious Graveman wasn't being maintained. However, GnomeBaker is also
no longer maintained either, so what the Zenwalk guys will do now, I have no
idea. As you've stated, Brasero is the only maintained Free GTK/Gnome burner
now. I'll admit, I'm using Nero, and it's quite nice, but I would've
preferred Graveman if it were still being worked on.

Xfburn is being worked on, albeit very slowly, as can be seen in the SVN.
The problem is Xfce has far fewer devs working on it than Gnome does.
However, I don't think Gnome is doing much better when their default CD/DVD
burner is no longer being worked on. I'm guessing Gnome will begin packaging
Brasero as the default CD/DVD burner.

Obviously there's no easy solution to this problem right now. If Gnome apps
have to be installed by default, so be it. I just hope it doesn't become a

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