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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 9 17:44:43 UTC 2007

Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
> On 8/9/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
>> Maintenance is reflected by responsiveness to bugs and releases. having something in svn trunk means you are not
>> comfortable with it's release quality so it cannot help xubuntu at this point.
> I don't understand this statement. I need svn for version control and
> to let others collaborate with the development.

I meant that software being developed under source control does not imply it is maintained - from a user perspective.
Maintenance also means responsiveness to user issues and bug reports. There are still some in xfce bugzilla and maybe even LP
I haven't looked.
>> The fact that you choose to work on Xhep instead of fixing xarchiver bugs - while it is your right to do so obviously
>> - shows you are not actively maintaining it.
> ???? Come on Jani. I'm coding both of them in my spare time.

We all do this in our free time, that's why it is so important it does not get spent in vain, in duplicating existing work
but getting the most out of it.

>> We have to find the right balance and zealotry, hatred of GNOME (or whatever) or personal agendas should not play a role here.
>> Not implying anyone is hating GNONE or has such agendas, but the criteria need to be technical and adapted to user requirements.
> I don't hate gnome. I hate gnome developer's attitude. That's different.

I dislike some of their dev's attitudes as well, but I like others'. That does not have to bias our judgment of the software.
Sometimes the software sucks more than it should because of those attitudes but we have to look at it module by module, cooperate
with whom we can and leave the others alone.

For ex I had a very hard time in the beginning trying to get patches for evince, and got a pretty negative impression of the maintainers
and GNOME in general, but that changed lately, as _all_ other modules' maintainers where I sent patches that replace gnome APIs were 
ok and took most of those changes.

'GNOME is people' they say. Some of them are more clueful than others that's all :)

>> By definition that cannot be true. Even if in theory (won't happen) we only switch out the core (panel, file manager, settings, desktop)
>> Xfce already is smaller. So please do not state clearly untrue facts.
> Jani, gnome is a burdern, it eats lot of memory, this is a true fact.
yes, but select gnome apps + xfce core is not quite gnome and is less of a burden.


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