GNOME dependencies

Lionel Le Folgoc mrpouit at
Thu Aug 9 17:42:36 UTC 2007


Jani Monoses wrote:
> Freddy Martinez wrote:
>>> I am for the middle way.
>> As am I :)
>>>  I think brasero would be an excellent addition to xubuntu even if it has gnome
>>> dependencies. I installed xubuntu for a few people (most of them
>>> previous windows users) and I can tell that when an app doesn't work
>>> the way they expect that makes more harm than good for the reputation
>>> of xubuntu.
>> Agreed. The fact that something like xfburn can't burn isos makes me
>> not want to include it.  The trade-off with GNOME deps is one that I'm
>> willing to take so long as the deps are reasonable and limited.
>> Perhaps this is something we need to decide in a meeting.
> I've just tried out brasero and is indeed very slick, and most importantly burnt the CD without
> a problem.
> If we add one libgnome dependent app the cost for the adding others decreases significantly so it will
> probably mean we reconsider a good part of our app selection.
> But please do not start proposing things right now, the apps we have not heard of are probably not
> good enough to be included anyway.
> Lionel what do you think of this whole issue?

Brasero comes with libgnome, libgnomeui, libgnome-keyring,
libgnome-canvas, libnautilus-burn, libtotem-plparser, gstreamer0.10.

If we add libgnome, the cost would decrease, so let's add libgnomeui,
then libgnome-keyring, libgnome-canvas and so on...

Then let's replace xarchiver with file-roller, gxine with totem (we
added one libgnome dependent app, so one more won't hurt...), gqview
with gthumb, and eventually, abiword/gnumeric with openoffice!

Xubuntu is going to be as heavy as gnome, and 80% identical to Ubuntu,
so what's the point of keeping building isos? People who really want to
use xfce will install it with synaptic after a standard Ubuntu installation.

I think we should drop the 'X' from Xubuntu now, that'll be less work...

IMO, this 'idea' (it seems more like a bad joke for me) is not good for
the future of Xubuntu: for gutsy+{2,3}, xubuntu would become a tasteless
ubuntu fork.

> Jani


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