GNOME dependencies

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 9 16:53:55 UTC 2007

Freddy Martinez wrote:
>> I am for the middle way.
> As am I :)
>>  I think brasero would be an excellent addition to xubuntu even if it has gnome
>> dependencies. I installed xubuntu for a few people (most of them
>> previous windows users) and I can tell that when an app doesn't work
>> the way they expect that makes more harm than good for the reputation
>> of xubuntu.
> Agreed. The fact that something like xfburn can't burn isos makes me
> not want to include it.  The trade-off with GNOME deps is one that I'm
> willing to take so long as the deps are reasonable and limited.
> Perhaps this is something we need to decide in a meeting.
I've just tried out brasero and is indeed very slick, and most importantly burnt the CD without
a problem.

If we add one libgnome dependent app the cost for the adding others decreases significantly so it will
probably mean we reconsider a good part of our app selection.

But please do not start proposing things right now, the apps we have not heard of are probably not
good enough to be included anyway.

Lionel what do you think of this whole issue?


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