Some Feisty remarks...

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Mon Apr 2 14:04:29 UTC 2007

> * Abiword is optional, but Gnumeric is mandatory?

Ok, I have just moved gnumeric to the recommends section as well.

> * The 'Home' folder on the panel has a typo in it's description: 
> 'personnal' should be 'personal'.

That is fixed with the latest (a day or two after post Beta) uploads.

> * A lot of packages get uninstalled at the end of the installation. 
> Isn't it better to not install them at all?

They're mostly language packs and need to be on the CD so that users can pick
from many languages. The others are packages that are needed on a liveCD but
not on an installed system (ubiquity, discover, debian-installer etc)

> * Why is Scim / Anthy installed?
To better support some of the Asian input methods, although we had not feedback so
far that it is working or not. I assume it does since it's there since dapper :)

> * 135 updates on reboot, but I'd reckon that the final will contain the 
> most up-to-date versions of all packages.
Use a daily, it's always more up-to-date and assures you are testing an image closer to
the final release and can report more relevant bugs.

> * For inexperienced users it's practically impossible to configure their 
> NVidia card since nvidia-settings doesn't install itself into the menu...
Is that particular to xubuntu? Can you try the restricted drivers manager from the system menu?

> The installation went fine on my hardware, except for Grub not finding 
> the correct drive numbers (it detects my SATA disk as HD1 whilst it 
> should be HD0).
Again, grub/kernel/general Ubuntu error, please file a bug in LP. Althought it may have been
corrected in a later CD build.
> That's about it...

thanks for testing.

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