Some Feisty remarks...

Harold Aling h.aling at
Mon Apr 2 07:26:38 UTC 2007

Dear list,

I reinstalled my machine yesterday, mainly because it has survived 3 
dist-upgrades (Dapper->Edgy->Feisty) and became somewhat cluttered with 
obsolete packages.

I have a few remarks about Xubuntu Feisty, but Launchpad told me: "This 
site is accessible by launchpad admins and members of the Launchpad Beta 
Testers  team only."

* Abiword is optional, but Gnumeric is mandatory?
* The 'Home' folder on the panel has a typo in it's description: 
'personnal' should be 'personal'.
* A lot of packages get uninstalled at the end of the installation. 
Isn't it better to not install them at all?
* Why is Scim / Anthy installed?
* 135 updates on reboot, but I'd reckon that the final will contain the 
most up-to-date versions of all packages.
* For inexperienced users it's practically impossible to configure their 
NVidia card since nvidia-settings doesn't install itself into the menu...

The installation went fine on my hardware, except for Grub not finding 
the correct drive numbers (it detects my SATA disk as HD1 whilst it 
should be HD0).

That's about it...

-already loving Feisty-

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