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Tue Apr 3 07:59:19 UTC 2007

On 02/04/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> > * Abiword is optional, but Gnumeric is mandatory?
> Ok, I have just moved gnumeric to the recommends section as well.
> > * The 'Home' folder on the panel has a typo in it's description:
> > 'personnal' should be 'personal'.
> That is fixed with the latest (a day or two after post Beta) uploads.
> > * A lot of packages get uninstalled at the end of the installation.
> > Isn't it better to not install them at all?
> They're mostly language packs and need to be on the CD so that users can
> pick
> from many languages. The others are packages that are needed on a liveCD
> but
> not on an installed system (ubiquity, discover, debian-installer etc)
> > * Why is Scim / Anthy installed?
> To better support some of the Asian input methods, although we had not
> feedback so
> far that it is working or not. I assume it does since it's there since
> dapper :)
> > * 135 updates on reboot, but I'd reckon that the final will contain the
> > most up-to-date versions of all packages.
> Use a daily, it's always more up-to-date and assures you are testing an
> image closer to
> the final release and can report more relevant bugs.
> > * For inexperienced users it's practically impossible to configure their
> > NVidia card since nvidia-settings doesn't install itself into the
> menu...
> Is that particular to xubuntu? Can you try the restricted drivers manager
> from the system menu?

I've installed the restricted drivers through the "Restricted Drivers
Manager", and it didn't install nvidia-settings at all. Not so much of a
problem IMHO, as I wouldn't know what to configure anyway. But of course,
it'd be nice if it had a .desktop file. There are more packages that don't,
unfortunately ;-)

> The installation went fine on my hardware, except for Grub not finding
> > the correct drive numbers (it detects my SATA disk as HD1 whilst it
> > should be HD0).
> Again, grub/kernel/general Ubuntu error, please file a bug in LP.
> Althought it may have been
> corrected in a later CD build.
> > That's about it...
> thanks for testing.
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