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Adam Miller maxamillion at
Sun Oct 8 03:06:55 UTC 2006

J. Mak & Everyone else,
     I completely agree that Xubuntu will pass Kubuntu, the fact that the
panels should be smaller by default, and I like the new window dressings
(that just came out in the update) along with the idea of V3 being default
wallpaper, but I would have to disagree with the icon padding. I really
don't think that's an issue and I kinda like it, but then again .. that is
just my opinion.

    Also, the boot splash still doesn't exist on AMD64 ... any thoughts? I
have tried it on 2 different AMD64 machines (one a single and the other a
dual core) and I get the same results, just wondering.

But yes, Xubuntu dominates and we will become the most used alternative to
Ubuntu, all in due time.

On 10/7/06, jmak <jozmak at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am sorry I haven't had much time providing feedback about edgy so
> far but as you know, I am working almost full time on the ubuntu
> artworks that takes much of my time. But today I managed to install
> edgy on my computer and here are some of my feedback and suggestions.
> The login screen now can be considered final.
> I also fine-tuned WALLPAPER V3 and am suggesting to be used as the
> default wallpaper. I tweaked its color and now it goes nicely with the
> login screen and the blue clearlooks theme.
> Both uploaded to the
> wiki.
> Panels. I already said this during the dapper phase but now I bring it
> up again. They are oversized; not only visually unpleasing but it
> makes no sense from the functional point of view either. Imagine how
> much valuable screen  space it takes from a 15 inch monitors.
> Pleeeeeese change the default to 26 like gnome.
> Icons. I think tango is not a good choice. It lacks contrast and is
> very boring as well . The new gnome icons, on the other hand, elegant,
> complete and contrast nicely with the background. I very much
> recommend using them. The other thing is the ugly labels behind the
> icon text.  I've heard that this bug was already fixed in the newest
> xfce release.  I am not sure though, but if this is the case it would
> be nice to take them out and create a desktop that looks and feels
> like the other flavors.
> Icons on the panel. This I already mentioned during the dapper phase.
> There is too much padding around the icons. They suppose to touch the
> edges of the panel edges like in gnome. This was already fixed in
> dapper but now I see a regression in this regard.
> Question?  Jani, what is your plan regarding the splash. I hope this
> mouse thing wont come back  again because this would destroy the
> visual impact of the entire interface.
> Otherwise, xubuntu rocks. I expect that it will pass kubuntu on the
> distrowatch soon and becomes the second most popular ubuntu flavor.
> And Mark likes its look a lot.
> That's it for now, I hope not forgetting anything.
> Cheers,
> J. Mak
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