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jmak jozmak at
Sat Oct 7 23:15:48 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I am sorry I haven't had much time providing feedback about edgy so
far but as you know, I am working almost full time on the ubuntu
artworks that takes much of my time. But today I managed to install
edgy on my computer and here are some of my feedback and suggestions.


The login screen now can be considered final.

I also fine-tuned WALLPAPER V3 and am suggesting to be used as the
default wallpaper. I tweaked its color and now it goes nicely with the
login screen and the blue clearlooks theme.
Both uploaded to the



Panels. I already said this during the dapper phase but now I bring it
up again. They are oversized; not only visually unpleasing but it
makes no sense from the functional point of view either. Imagine how
much valuable screen  space it takes from a 15 inch monitors.
Pleeeeeese change the default to 26 like gnome.

Icons. I think tango is not a good choice. It lacks contrast and is
very boring as well . The new gnome icons, on the other hand, elegant,
complete and contrast nicely with the background. I very much
recommend using them. The other thing is the ugly labels behind the
icon text.  I've heard that this bug was already fixed in the newest
xfce release.  I am not sure though, but if this is the case it would
be nice to take them out and create a desktop that looks and feels
like the other flavors.

Icons on the panel. This I already mentioned during the dapper phase.
There is too much padding around the icons. They suppose to touch the
edges of the panel edges like in gnome. This was already fixed in
dapper but now I see a regression in this regard.

Question?  Jani, what is your plan regarding the splash. I hope this
mouse thing wont come back  again because this would destroy the
visual impact of the entire interface.

Otherwise, xubuntu rocks. I expect that it will pass kubuntu on the
distrowatch soon and becomes the second most popular ubuntu flavor.
And Mark likes its look a lot.

That's it for now, I hope not forgetting anything.

J. Mak


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