Feedback and suggestions

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sun Oct 8 08:49:55 UTC 2006


> Panels. I already said this during the dapper phase but now I bring it
> up again. They are oversized; not only visually unpleasing but it
> makes no sense from the functional point of view either. Imagine how
> much valuable screen  space it takes from a 15 inch monitors.
> Pleeeeeese change the default to 26 like gnome.

Would this also mean "artistically" small (=unreadable) font size? :-)

> Icons on the panel. This I already mentioned during the dapper phase.
> There is too much padding around the icons. They suppose to touch the
> edges of the panel edges like in gnome.

This is also a usability thing.  Things that extend to the screen edge
follow the "fitt's law" and are _much_ easier to hit with a mouse.

	- Eero

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