Luzius Thoeny lucius.antonius at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 19:57:18 UTC 2006

Brian Lawson wrote:
> After reading some responses, I wanted to clarify what I envisioned xubuntuguide.org to be.  I hope for it to be very much like ubuntuguide.org.  If you haven't checked it out, go there and scroll through it a bit…it will help give some context to this question.  
> It is very much an "unofficial" Ubuntu site, which is why I hesitate to attach it to the official (and Canonical-supported) site.  For example, ubuntuguide.org contains instructions for adding repositories that contain unsupported, non-free, or possibly illegal packages.  While extremely useful, I don't know that the official site would want to be responsible for this content.
> But on the other hand, I don't want to dilute or fracture any momentum the Xubuntu project has going…I want to respect the wishes of the main team, contributors, and users.
> -Brian
Hi Brian (& others),

First off, thanks for offering the domain and the hosting!

I personally like  ubuntuguide.org and its style a lot. the thought of 
coming up with something similar for Xubuntu seems like an excellent 
idea. A few thoughts:

- We should keep an eye on what's going on with ubuntuguide.org, because 
the current owner seems to consider moving the content to official 
ubuntu documentation. see this thread: 
https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2006-November/007304.html . 
To me, it looks like that won't happen, because of the recommendation of 
automatix and other non-official stuff which won't be accepted in the 
official help.

- How will this xubuntuguide.org relate to the current desktop guide? is 
it a good idea to "clone" all the information, risking of having to 
constantly fix & update in both? i guess we can look at it this way: the 
desktop guide is more of a 'starter' for people wanting to get to know 
Xubuntu, while the xubuntuguide.org gives the quick&dirty 'hands-on' 
recipe for people who are looking for a specific answer.

- Do we keep it strictly to Xubuntu-related stuff or also other? first 
has the problem that users will not find what they need (they may not 
know if their question is xubuntu-specific), and the second has the 
problem of "cloning" lots of content, leading to maintenance head-aches.

- Please note also that there's something similar for ubuntu here: 

- While I don't have anything against MediaWiki, I think it's definitely 
not the best looking wiki out there... I personally liked the old 
look&feel of ubuntuguide.org a lot better that it had before it was 
using MediaWiki.


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