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Fri Nov 3 15:42:30 UTC 2006

Sure you can run multiple services at one domain, it's just that we (Adam
and me) don't have the required permissions.

Also, I think we could better do as Kubuntu does, so skin the Ubuntu wiki.

On 11/3/06, Daniel <nospam at drlock.com> wrote:
> Why can't you run Drupal and whatever wiki tool you want on the same
> domain?
> If you keep Drupal at the root level, you may need to tweak the Apache
> redirects to get the two to play nicely together, but it should be
> possible.  That is of course if you have access to that kind of stuff
> (either apache config files or an .htaccess file in the root)
> The other option is to have a xubuntu.org/drupal & xubuntu.org/wiki then
> your xubuntu.org/index.php would have links to both.
> A few days ago there was some discussion about how to give the comunity
> access to adding content to xubunutu.org. I think the wiki may be the best
> solution.  The Drupal side can have official conent with limited edit acces
> and the wiki can be open to the rest of us.
> Just my two bits
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