Daniel nospam at drlock.com
Fri Nov 3 15:38:38 UTC 2006

Why can't you run Drupal and whatever wiki tool you want on the same domain?

If you keep Drupal at the root level, you may need to tweak the Apache
redirects to get the two to play nicely together, but it should be
possible.  That is of course if you have access to that kind of stuff
(either apache config files or an .htaccess file in the root)

The other option is to have a xubuntu.org/drupal & xubuntu.org/wiki then
your xubuntu.org/index.php would have links to both.

A few days ago there was some discussion about how to give the comunity
access to adding content to xubunutu.org. I think the wiki may be the best
solution.  The Drupal side can have official conent with limited edit acces
and the wiki can be open to the rest of us.

Just my two bits
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