Surprising results with SeaMonkey Web Browser / Email Client

Guido Heumann listguido at
Thu May 11 22:05:44 UTC 2006

S.W.B. wrote:

[snip excellent seamonkey review]

Thank you for this eye-opener! I got really excited when I read your
review, an will immediately have a look at seamonkey. Sounds to me like
you found the holy grail of Email/Web software I was looking for so long
;-) And it even has roaming profiles! Finally I can convince some friend
of mine to give up netscape 4.7, which he keeps using solely for this
feature. Wow :-) What a pity that there's probably no chance for it to
be included in dapper.

> The downsides of SeaMonkey: Many (but not all) common extensions for
> Firefox don't work with SeaMonkey.  A notable exception is Adblock,
> which does officially support SeaMonkey.  

Lucky :-) Adblock is IMHO the most important FF extension. I personally
won't browse the web without it anymore.

> Another problem is that the default SeaMonkey
> theme is terribly ugly.  But you can quickly solve that with
> which makes it look and feel a lot like FF/TB.

Thanks, that also sounds good. Will try.
Now off to ...


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