Surprising results with SeaMonkey Web Browser / Email Client

S.W.B. sb73542 at
Mon May 8 13:00:09 UTC 2006

 >almost no users need that :)  Very few users (relatively) use non-web mail
 >at all.
Hmmm, I think you might be surprised.  :-)  People who can't afford a 
faster new computer, often also  have no access to broadband internet.  
And if you're not connected to the web all  the time, webmail is very 

Even if you use SeaMonkey ONLY as a web browser, it is still running 
circles around Firefox 1.5, in my opinion.  It appears that SeaMonkey 
has a different code base (Mozilla) than Firefox, but looks and feels 
very similar now.  No matter how much they claim that Firefox is 
"lightweight", a browser that doesn't run well on a computer with 128MB 
RAM is anything but.  SeaMonkey, on the other hand, has some older code, 
which was written for older systems, and it seems that SeaMonkey is 
lightweight and Firefox is bloated, albeit FF is more modern.  I'm not 
just speculating here, here's a bit more anecdotal evidence: 

If not at all possible to include SeaMonkey, why not make a strong 
suggestion in docs to use SeaMonkey?  Most people should be able to 
download and install the official binary release.  Getting it into the 
menu system and set up as default browser / email client is a bit more 

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