Surprising results with SeaMonkey Web Browser / Email Client

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Mon May 8 07:10:51 UTC 2006

> All in all, I realize it's late in the devel cycle to change this, but I
> strongly suggest replacing Firefox and Thunderbird and Sylpheed with
> SeaMonkey as the default browser/email client on Xubuntu, because of the

for dapper+1 it could be a choice, but definitely not for dapper. The old
suite was  moved into universe as  is it not supported by canonical. I am
not sure
this will change for dapper+1. If the new firefox will build upon the
1.8branch it may
have the same speed improvements.

performance increase.  Almost all users need web browser and email open

almost no users need that :)  Very few users (relatively) use non-web mail
at all.

simultaneously, and it's just not possible using FF and TB, they are too
> resource intensive, and Sylpheed doesn't go over well with many new
> users.  SeaMonkey is a very nice solution.

sylpheed is not in xubuntu currently.

Any thoughts?

nice to hear they are making improvements, but it does not affect xubuntu
this late in the release cycle.

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