Surprising results with SeaMonkey Web Browser / Email Client

S.W.B. sb73542 at
Sat May 13 02:05:55 UTC 2006

Hello Guido and others,

Yes, I've been having great results SeaMonkey so far.  I can FINALLY
browse the Web and check my e-mail at the same time.  With Firefox and
Thunderbird both already open, it would often take as much as 45 SECONDS
just to switch windows from Firefox to Thunderbird, with my hard drive
thrashing furiously.  This was running XFCE on a computer with 128MB
RAM, absolutely unacceptable.  But with SeaMonkey, I don't even need to
have the email client on SeaMonkey open to be notified of new mail, the
e-mail button on the bottom right-hand corner of the web browser changes
its icon when a new message arrives, and I can click on it and launch
the email program rather quickly.  Also, I can goto File-->New-->Message
and open an e-mail composer window right from the browser.  The address
book is available right from the browser, without having to switch
programs.  The address book for SeaMonkey (and Thunderbird) with
autocompletion of entries upon addressing a new message  is absolutely
superb, it's the main reason I use Mozilla e-mail products. 
Additionally, the browser and e-mail client integrate well, clicking on
a link in e-mail makes the browser fly open (With TB + FF, this process
takes FOREVER) and mailto: links in website pop up a composer window,
with little delay.  With FF + TB, mailto: links don't even work unless
you add a new variable to about:config in FF, and then it is SLOW to the
point of being unusable.

Overall, I'm not going back to Firefox or Thunderbird anytime soon,
unless they drastically reduce their memory usage and integrate better. 
I think that Xubuntu should at least recommend SeaMonkey in its
documentation, and allow an easy way to set sensible-browser to
SeaMonkey, if the user chooses to  install it.

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